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Blockchain genesis

GET /genesis

Return the information about blockchain genesis.



Return the genesis parameters.

    active_slots_coefficient number required

    The proportion of slots in which blocks should be issued

    update_quorum integer required

    Determines the quorum needed for votes on the protocol parameter updates

    max_lovelace_supply string required

    The total number of lovelace in the system

    network_magic integer required

    Network identifier

    epoch_length integer required

    Number of slots in an epoch

    system_start integer required

    Time of slot 0 in UNIX time

    slots_per_kes_period integer required

    Number of slots in an KES period

    slot_length integer required

    Duration of one slot in seconds

    max_kes_evolutions integer required

    The maximum number of time a KES key can be evolved before a pool operator must create a new operational certificate

    security_param integer required

    Security parameter k