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Latest block

GET /blocks/latest

Return the latest block available to the backends, also known as the tip of the blockchain.



Return the contents of the block

    time integer required

    Block creation time in UNIX time

    height integer nullable required

    Block number

    hash string required

    Hash of the block

    slot integer nullable required

    Slot number

    epoch integer nullable required

    Epoch number

    epoch_slot integer nullable required

    Slot within the epoch

    slot_leader string required

    Bech32 ID of the slot leader or specific block description in case there is no slot leader

    size integer required

    Block size in Bytes

    tx_count integer required

    Number of transactions in the block

    output string nullable required

    Total output within the block in Lovelaces

    fees string nullable required

    Total fees within the block in Lovelaces

    block_vrf string nullable required

    Possible values: >= 65 characters and <= 65 characters

    VRF key of the block

    op_cert string nullable required

    The hash of the operational certificate of the block producer

    op_cert_counter string nullable required

    The value of the counter used to produce the operational certificate

    previous_block string nullable required

    Hash of the previous block

    next_block string nullable required

    Hash of the next block

    confirmations integer required

    Number of block confirmations