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Specific address

GET /addresses/:address

Obtain information about a specific address.


Path Parameters

    address string required

    Bech32 address.

    Example: addr1qxqs59lphg8g6qndelq8xwqn60ag3aeyfcp33c2kdp46a09re5df3pzwwmyq946axfcejy5n4x0y99wqpgtp2gd0k09qsgy6pz

Return the address content.

    address string required

    Bech32 encoded addresses

    amount object[]required
  • Array [
  • unit Lovelace or concatenation of asset policy_id and hex-encoded asset_name required

    The unit of the value

    quantity string required

    The quantity of the unit

  • ]
  • stake_address string nullable required

    Stake address that controls the key

    type string required

    Possible values: [byron, shelley]

    Address era

    script boolean required

    True if this is a script address