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Specific transaction

GET /txs/:hash

Return content of the requested transaction.


Path Parameters

    hash 64-character case-sensitive hexadecimal string. required

    Hash of the requested transaction

    Example: 6e5f825c42c1c6d6b77f2a14092f3b78c8f1b66db6f4cf8caec1555b6f967b3b

Return the contents of the transaction.

    hash string required

    Transaction hash

    block string required

    Block hash

    block_height integer required

    Block number

    block_time integer required

    Block creation time in UNIX time

    slot integer required

    Slot number

    index integer required

    Transaction index within the block

    output_amount object[]required
  • Array [
  • unit Lovelace or concatenation of asset policy_id and hex-encoded asset_name required

    The unit of the value

    quantity string required

    The quantity of the unit

  • ]
  • fees string required

    Fees of the transaction in Lovelaces

    deposit string required

    Deposit within the transaction in Lovelaces

    size integer required

    Size of the transaction in Bytes

    invalid_before string nullable required

    Left (included) endpoint of the timelock validity intervals

    invalid_hereafter string nullable required

    Right (excluded) endpoint of the timelock validity intervals

    utxo_count integer required

    Count of UTXOs within the transaction

    withdrawal_count integer required

    Count of the withdrawals within the transaction

    mir_cert_count integer required

    Count of the MIR certificates within the transaction

    delegation_count integer required

    Count of the delegations within the transaction

    stake_cert_count integer required

    Count of the stake keys (de)registration within the transaction

    pool_update_count integer required

    Count of the stake pool registration and update certificates within the transaction

    pool_retire_count integer required

    Count of the stake pool retirement certificates within the transaction

    asset_mint_or_burn_count integer required

    Count of asset mints and burns within the transaction

    redeemer_count integer required

    Count of redeemers within the transaction

    valid_contract boolean required

    True if contract script passed validation