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Blockfrost Developer Hub is open for community contributions. We were inspired by the Cardano Developers portal which is one of the most comprehensive information source within the Cardano ecosystem.

We strive to provide the same quality of content for the Blockfrost ecosystem.

Bounties 💰

Not only we welcome community contributions, we do incentivize them via Blockfrost bounty program. There are several bounty levels depending on the complexity of the contribution ranging from 5 to 50 ADA.


  • Blockfrost will publish bounties, in form of GitHub issues, which are then up for grabs
  • Before creating a PR, make sure that the issue is clear enough to be addressed, if not, open up a discussion in the issue
  • Fork the repository, open a draft pull request and link it to the issue you are addressing
  • Please adhere to Contribution Rules
  • Once you are ready, mark the pull request as ready and someone from the Blockfrost team will review it
  • When the Blockfrost team is happy with the end result, we will merge the pull request and release it to the public
  • After your change is released, post a comment with your Cardano mainnet address in the GitHub issue to claim your bounty

Please keep in mind, it is ultimately up to the Blockfrost team to decide if they want to accept the change or not.

Contribution Rules

If you are new to Git and GitHub ecosystem, please follow the Make your first open source contribution in 5 minutes guide.

Use conventional commits.

Style guide

For consistency, we are using the Cardano's Developer Portal Style Guide.

Local development

To get a local development environment, clone the forked repository, install dependencies, and start the development server. Most changes are reflected live without having to restart the server. By default, a browser window will open at http://localhost:3000.

yarn install
yarn start

If you are using NixOS, just run nix-shell in the cloned repository to install the dependencies.