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Before contacting support, please try to go through the list of most common support cases. Thanks a million!

I can't upload a file to IPFS

Are you using POST method? IPFS add is one of not so many calls which we use POST for. See IPFS usage guide.

What happens to my pins when I delete my account?

Unfortunately, your pins will be deleted and garbage collected over time.Before deleting a project, please make sure that your data is backed up or pinned through another project.

How long does it take before a file is pinned?

It usually takes a few minutes but can be longer during peaks. If a pin takes more than an hour and the file is not large, please, let us know.

Can I assume file to be pinned if it's still just queued?

No. If a file is in queued state, we strongly advise to wait for its state to change to pinned before assuming that file to be on the IPFS network.