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Our Arduino SDK is targeting ESP32 development boards.

Block, slot within an epoch, wen, transaction volume

Getting started

To use this SDK, you first need to log in to, create your project and retrieve the API token.


The SDK uses platformio.

You can either work directly with this repository or add this package as a dependency of your project using

lib_deps =

To enter a development shell, use nix-shell.


To build the example, copy example/creds.h.sample from the repository to example/creds.h and fill in your credentials.

git clone
cd blockfrost-arduino
cp example/creds.h.sample example/creds.h

Plug in your ESP32 development board, build and upload using:

pio run --target upload


It is possible to test correct JSON (de)serialisation natively using:

pio test -c platformio-test.ini -e native