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Our Kotlin SDK, blockfrost-kotlin requires at least Kotlin 1.5.30 and Gradle 7.2 in order to work.


Currently, Kotlin SDK is distributed via JitPack:

Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file

allprojects {
repositories {
maven { url '' }

Step 2. Add the dependency to your module build.gradle

dependencies {
implementation 'com.github.blockfrost:blockfrost-kotlin:0.0.4'

For usage with Maven and other tools, check out the JitPack page.

Check out build.gradle of an Example application using Kotlin SDK library.


API is asynchronous, coroutine based.

import io.blockfrost.sdk_kotlin.api.CardanoAddressesApi
import io.blockfrost.sdk_kotlin.infrastructure.BlockfrostConfig

// Use default configuration, mainnet, project_id loaded from BF_PROJECT_ID env var
val api = CardanoAddressesApi(config = BlockfrostConfig.defaulMainNetConfig)

// coroutine call, returns model object
val details = api.getAddressDetails("addr1q8zu4smzyf2r2mfqjd6tc6vxf2p8rccdfk82ye3eut2udkw9etpkygj5x4kjpym5h35cvj5zw83s6nvw5fnrnck4cmvshkfm4y")

Default configuration for IPFS, project ID is loaded from env var BF_IPFS_PROJECT_ID

val apiIpfsAdd = IPFSAddAPI(config = BlockfrostConfig.defaultIpfsConfig)

You can also define API-specific configuration

val config = BlockfrostConfig(
baseUrl = BlockfrostConfig.UrlIpfs,
projectId = BlockfrostConfig.getEnvProjectIdIpfs(),
socketTimeoutMilli = 90_000,
val apiIpfsAdd = IPFSAddAPI(config = config)

Check out Example application or integration tests for more usage examples.

Fetch All methods

Methods with paging parameters (count, page, order) have paging methods enabling to load all results, iterating over all pages in the background. For example

val api = CardanoAddressesApi(config = BlockfrostConfig.defaulMainNetConfig)
val flow: Flow<AddressTransactionsContent> = api.getAddressTransactionsAll(address = "addr1q8zu4smzyf2r2mfqjd6tc6vxf2p8rccdfk82ye3eut2udkw9etpkygj5x4kjpym5h35cvj5zw83s6nvw5fnrnck4cmvshkfm4y")
flow.collect {
println("Transaction: $it")

OperationAll methods return a Flow object enabling processing of individual results as they are produced by the loading method. I.e., once first page is loaded with results, consumer can immediately start processing the results form the flow without need to wait for downloading all pages. It is also possible to stop page download on a consumer side.

Fetch AllList methods

Alternative to fetch All methods are fetch AllList methods. E.g.,

val api = CardanoAddressesApi(config = BlockfrostConfig.defaulMainNetConfig)
val res: List<AddressTransactionsContent> = api.getAddressTransactionsAllList(address = "addr1q8zu4smzyf2r2mfqjd6tc6vxf2p8rccdfk82ye3eut2udkw9etpkygj5x4kjpym5h35cvj5zw83s6nvw5fnrnck4cmvshkfm4y")

The method returns list once all pages are downloaded.


First, create the gradle wrapper script:

gradle wrapper

Then, run:

./gradlew check assemble

This runs all tests and packages the library.

Features/Implementation Notes

  • Supports JSON inputs/outputs, File inputs, and Form inputs.
  • Supports collection formats for query parameters: csv, tsv, ssv, pipes.
  • Some Kotlin and Java types are fully qualified to avoid conflicts with types defined in OpenAPI definitions.
  • Implementation of ApiClient is intended to reduce method counts, specifically to benefit Android targets.