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Our Swift SDK, blockfrost-swift requires at least Swift 5 in order to work.


Swift package manager

dependencies: [
.package(url: "", from: "0.0.6"),

targets: [
name: "Example",
dependencies: [
.product(name: "BlockfrostSwiftSDK", package: "blockfrost-swift"),


Run carthage update


github "blockfrost/blockfrost-swift" ~> 0.0.6


Minimal pod version: 1.10+ Run pod install


pod 'BlockfrostSwiftSDK', '~> 0.0.6'

Or use GitHub, by tag:

pod 'BlockfrostSwiftSDK', :git => '', :tag => '0.0.6'

or by branch:

pod 'BlockfrostSwiftSDK', :git => '', :branch => 'master'


API uses a simple completion callbacks, returning Swift.Result<R, Error>, where R is defined by the particular API call.

// import the SDK on the beginning of the file
import BlockfrostSwiftSDK

// define project-wide settings
BlockfrostStaticConfig.basePath = "" // or leave default
BlockfrostStaticConfig.projectId = "your-project-id"
let api = CardanoAddressesAPI()

_ = api.getAddressDetails(address: "addr1q8zu4smzyf2r2mfqjd6tc6vxf2p8rccdfk82ye3eut2udkw9etpkygj5x4kjpym5h35cvj5zw83s6nvw5fnrnck4cmvshkfm4y") { resp in
switch (resp) {
case let .failure(err):
// TODO: handle error here, `err` contains the error
case let .success(r):
// `r` contains result of the call, here, it is of type `AddressContentTotal`

Project ID can be loaded from env

BlockfrostStaticConfig.projectId = BlockfrostConfig.getEnvProjectId()  // BF_PROJECT_ID
BlockfrostStaticConfig.projectId = BlockfrostConfig.getEnvProjectIdMainnet() // BF_MAINNET_PROJECT_ID
BlockfrostStaticConfig.projectId = BlockfrostConfig.getEnvProjectIdTestnet() // BF_TESTNET_PROJECT_ID
BlockfrostStaticConfig.projectId = BlockfrostConfig.getEnvIpfsProjectId() // BF_IPFS_PROJECT_ID

Default configuration for testnet, project ID is loaded from env var BF_TESTNET_PROJECT_ID

let apiAdd = CardanoAddressesAPI(config: BlockfrostConfig.testnetDefault())

Default configuration for IPFS, project ID is loaded from env var BF_IPFS_PROJECT_ID

let ipfsAdd = IPFSAddAPI(config: BlockfrostConfig.ipfsDefault())

You can also define API-specific configuration

let config = BlockfrostConfig()
config.basePath = BlockfrostConfig.URL_IPFS
config.projectId = BlockfrostConfig.getEnvIpfsProjectId()
config.retryPolicy = BlockfrostRetryPolicy(retryLimit: 10) // specify custom retry policy

let ipfsAdd = apiAdd = IPFSAddAPI(config: cfg)

Check out Example application or integration tests for more usage examples.

Fetch All methods

Methods with paging parameters (count, page, order) have paging methods enabling to load all results, iterating over all pages in the background. The method returns list of all results once all pages have been downloaded.

let _ = api.getAssetHistoryAll(asset: "d894897411707efa755a76deb66d26dfd50593f2e70863e1661e98a07370616365636f696e73") { resp in
switch (resp) {
case let .failure(err):
// TODO: handle error here, `err` contains the error
case let .success(r):
// `r` contains result of the call, here, it is of type `AddressContentTotal`

Advanced Fetch all

To use more advanced load-all-pages technique, you can use PageLoader class.

let loader = PageLoader<AssetHistory>(batchSize: 10)
loader.loadAll({ count, page, compl in
// PageLoader uses lambda to load particular page
_ = api.getAssetHistory(asset: asset, count: count, page: page, order: order, apiResponseQueue: apiResponseQueue, completion: compl)
}, completion: { compl in
// Completion handler once all pages are loaded
// TODO: handle the results

You can handle event handler to get new page results as they are loaded:

loader.progressHandler = { event in
case .started: break
case let .pageLoaded(page):
print(page) // new page loaded, type: (Int, [T]) ~ page ID and list of results
case .completed(_):

You can also cancel further loading: { loader.cancel() }

Pod development

Lint before publishing:

pod spec lint --no-clean --verbose --use-modular-headers --allow-warnings

# or alternatively: (use_frameworks!)
pod spec lint --no-clean --verbose --use-modular-headers --use-libraries --allow-warnings

Publishing new version:

pod trunk push BlockfrostSwiftSDK.podspec --verbose --allow-warnings

Note that this pod requires CocoaPod 1.10+.