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Our Haskell SDK, blockfrost-haskell comprises of API definition, data types, client and utilities for working with Blockfrost.


Packages are available on Hackage, you only need to add blockfrost-client to your package dependencies.

Haddocks available on Hackage:

  • Hackage blockfrost-api
  • Hackage blockfrost-client
  • Hackage blockfrost-pretty

Development setup

You can either work within this repository using plain cabal or in combination with nix.


If you already have GHC and cabal installed:

git clone
cd blockfrost-haskell
cabal update
cabal build all
cabal repl blockfrost-client

Note: Due to TLS support, you might need to provide zlib headers if compilation of http-client-tls fails. (On NixOS this is nix-shell -p


Using nix-shell, you can obtain a preconfigured environment with GHC and cabal:

git clone
cd blockfrost-haskell
cabal build all
cabal repl blockfrost-client


See blockfrost-client for a tutorial and usage examples.

Readme of blockfrost-api contains a short primer for working with Blockfrost types, data samples and monetary values.